Having been curating for over 10 years, curating shows like Richard Moss in Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool and Mishka Henner in Film Art Media Gallery also in Liverpool. With politically motivated work being her main inspiration for exhibitions she helped YesMan curate an exhibition using contemporary digital culture. Eventually after a decade career in curating, she moved to Birmingham and became the director of BOM, only of which was launched 3 months ago. With an opening night featuring the German Berlin-based hackers, Chaos Computer Club. Collaborating with two British artists to create interactive works, exploring and understanding DNA and finger print security idea.

Alongside BOM, Karen was actively taking part in projects with London Hackerspace, Makerspace in Newcastle and Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol, exploring various ideas mainly through collaboration of; various disciplines and medias, creative technology, biomedical science and various open calls and residencies.

Currently, she is working with 10 fellos, including Jo Gane, Nikki Pugh, Biochemist Melissa Grant and Photographer Dan Burwood, on a project called Live R+D (WetLab), which launched on Tuesday 10th March 2015


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