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The Poundshop are spreading design to a wider audience.

On Friday 17th October 2014 we recieved a talk from Sara Melin, a co-founder of The Poundshop. A small pop-up store focusing on art in many forms and only selling them for a pound, hences why it is called the Poundshop. Founded in 2009/2010, in which was aimed to challenge the ay you shop as the credit crunch had just hit England and the only places which were surviving were the poundshops, which was the inspiration behind Poundshop.

She then went on to explain how the shop mainly sells now and upcoming designers products. In which they have strict guidelines, with a partipication fee of £5 amd to provide a prototype of their products which can only be produced for 50p or less in order to make a profit when sold for a pound.

With many stores popping up around the UK in London and Manchester lead them being recognised by major companies and organisations such as Selfridges, in which they did a window display in Selfridges, Oxford Street store in London. But also has lead then to Toyko and work with the department store, Loft, and are currenty working on 2 stores in St Petersburg, Russia and a pop-up for ICA at Christmas.


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