She produces still images but in the past has been commissioned to produce short animations from her artworks. Her work is chaotically beautiful and colourful but what stands out the most to me is her artwork that contains no colour and is simply just pen on paper.

She talked to us about how great being a working artist is and the benefits of being a freelance but she did not shy away from the disadvantages of being a freelancer for example she hasn’t began a pension which means as she gets older she may have to rely on a state pension instead. She talked about how her art had its own style and that most people have had positive opinions of her work but in the past she has had employers that have criticized her work to the point of knocking her confidence.

It was inspiring to hear that even though she is a freelancer, which means work isn’t always guaranteed, she often volunteers her free time and skills as a graphic designer in order to help people who have disabilities. She uses her skills to teach those with disabilities how to draw and through drawing help to improve the lives of those she works with allowing them to communicate better with their loved ones.


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