Throughout the year, the projects we received had a wide range of different aspects of Graphic Design. Studio practice had seven set briefs, Viscom had to which we had to pick our last elective ourselves. I chose Photography and Digital was chosen by our course leader. And the Lectures, Engaging with Critical Contexts for Art and Design. Out of all the seven briefs in the studio practice, I enjoyed more the Typography flyers and the band merchandising. Those two set assignments where defiantly my comfort zone in designing. I enjoy making flyers and posters as I have long-term experience in making them. Them two project were created in InDesign and Photoshop. The flyers I found a bit simple to do, as we had to choose 4 selections of events. You had to pick two events and 2 types of typo to design the flyer in, and we were allowed to edit. But must be black and white. I designed my ideas on my sketchbook of how it can be laid out then put my ideas on to InDesign. Using InDesign was a little tricky for me but I managed to work my way round. I am personally happy with the end result of my flyers and I am certain they look professional. The band-merchandising poster was pretty simple as I got to choose an artist of my choice. From that I got to research any parts of their music to advertise them. This was enjoyable as I got to listen to certain music that will be perfect for the poster.


What I found difficult was the Sign Affects partner work project. Finding something to create was complicated because we were shown many interactive signs. The one that inspired my two partners was the moving billboard but we had a disagreement to make something different. After we came across to agreeing with one thing and that was a relief. Working in a team is difficult, as not everyone will agree with your ideas but its good as well. You get to see other peoples view points as yours may not be as good than you think it is. Overall this project was good and different. I also enjoyed the Viscom Digital & Photography. I did find Digital a bit hard with creating the website coding on Dreamweaver, till I found a way where it will be easier for me to make my website active. I done many research and youtube tutorials on how I can make a good working website. Photography on the other hand was interesting and not difficult as I learnt how to use the equipment and develop photos on my first year.


I have learnt a lot throughout the year from all the lectures and project. This was more different compared to 1st year as I had a lot to learn. I will be defiantly continuing using the skills I’ve learnt into the following year of the course.


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