I visited a exhibition Propaganda: Power and Persuasion , which was held in The British Library during 7 May – 17 September 2013. It explored a universal state from 20th and 21st centuries.

I liked how they used the ‘I want you’ poster by James Montgomery Flagg as the main event to advertise the exhibition. The poster was used during the war times to indicate motivation and productivity for people to recruit into the army.



The exhibition was like a time travel into propaganda. It was laid out like a timeline of where it all started with paintings and posters throughout the world war. It really made you feel you was part of the scene.

I specifically chose this exhibition because Propaganda is all around us. “It is used to fight wars and fight disease, build unity and create division”  The two art work that captured my interested was ‘I want you’ poster by James Montgomery Flagg and 7th War Loan, Now– All together painting by C. C. Beall. They both have a powerful meaning within the image and will be interesting to write in depth.




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